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What can you do with BionicBlox?

You can build anything you can imagine with BionicBlox, but here are a few things you can do to help you get started.

  • Learn Geometry

  • Build in 3D

  • Simple to Complex

    Start small with an simple aeroplane or tower, then see how big you can build with even more BionicBlox.

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Start building today with a Foundation or Discovery kit.

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Recent News

Bionic Blox has been busy lately.

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  • BionicBlox in Amazon

    BionicBlox geometric toy for building and construction are now available through Amazon! Visit: We have our Explorer and Visionary sets which come with the wood blocks. The BionicStar connectors are also available and require use of existing blocks from Citiblocs, KEVA Planks or Kapla. Of course, if you purchase one of those products on [...]

  • Keeping it Real with Basic Building Blocks

    Two architecture researchers from Victoria University say to keep it basic with building blocks when it comes to teaching engineering. New-generation plastic toys, such as Lego and K’nex, are made to clip together, letting children build things that should not logically be able to stand up. “This means children are missing out on learning about [...]

  • BionicBlox Highlighted as Smart Gift STEM Toy by Make

    We have known about the Make and Maker movement for awhile as probably the best way to engage in STEM education and tinkering with kids and their big kid cousins also known as adults. Recently, the phone has been ringing with calls from libraries, schools and community spaces seeking BionicBlox STEM toy for their children’s [...]